HP 23xi black border when using HDMI [SOLVED]

If you connect your HP 23xi display to a PC with a ATI or NVIDIA video card you may encounter a black border around the edge of the screen. Thankfully, there is an easy fix!

For ATI/AMD, change scaling options:

Right Click on Desktop

ATI AMD Catalyst Pro Control Center

ATI AMD Catalyst Pro Control Center

Select “Catalyst Pro Control Center”
Advanced -> ATI Catalyst Control Center -> Graphics -> Desktops & Displays
Please select a display. (Click the black downaward arrow in the corner of the display graphic) -> Configure
Scaling Options: Full Screen
Click OK/Apply

For NVIDIA, disable under-scan

Right click on the desktop, select NVIDIA Control Panel
Advanced Settings -> Video & Television -> Resize HDTV desktop -> Do not resize my desktop



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