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New UnRAID preclear results for WD Green drive

Recently I had a 2TB WD Black drive develop some issues. That meant it was time to replace it and thankfully my dad had a 2TB WD Green drive available (he is upgrading to some 3TB Seagate drives). Before adding the Green drive to my unRAID setup I ran and here are the results 🙂 NOTE: the total elapsed time was 36 hours 15 minutes and 22 seconds, which is a bit on the slow side. However, this is

Missing shares after unexpected unraid shutdown

Recently I had a power outage to my unRAID NAS server. After booting back up I was quite concerned when I browsed to the SAMBA location for the server and found no shares! Thankfully, after waiting a few minutes (10-15) all shares were back 🙂 A parity check had automatically been initiated and I allowed it to complete. No errors were found. A few other users reported that they had to reboot to have their shares appear. However, my recommendation

UnRAID preclear disk commands and notes (WD 2TB Green EARS drive)

Notes and misc info, some from the unRAID wiki/tutorial… How to preclear disk sdc /dev/sdc How to save the preclear results (then accessible via network share “flash”) grep preclear /var/log/syslog | todos >> /boot/preclear_results_2011-03-12_WD2TB-Green.txt Samples results from: WDC_WD20EARS-00M_WD-WMAZA122XXXX Mar 11 12:59:23 Tower preclear_disk-start[2404]: smartctl version 5.38 [i486-slackware-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-8 Bruce Allen Mar 11 12:59:23 Tower preclear_disk-start[2404]: Home page is Mar 11 12:59:23 Tower preclear_disk-start[2404]: Mar 11 12:59:23 Tower preclear_disk-start[2404]: === START OF INFORMATION SECTION === Mar 11

Upgrading/replacing a parity drive in unRAID

I’m preparing to upgrade my 2TB WD Green parity drive to a 2TB WD Black parity drive on my unRAID system. I did a lot of searching for resources on this topic and while there are some great forums posts out there, they are sometimes hard to find. So here is a consolidated list of useful links for parity drive replacement: NOTE: many thanks to all the helpful and supportive unRAID users out there, the credit for all of this