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Estimating the cost of building a new house

We are planning on building a new house next Spring 🙂 As such, I have been trying to get a feel for cost per finished square ft. So far, after talking to other people that have built homes in the area and a number of builders, it looks like our area is generally $75-$125 per finished square foot. We live in an aera with bountiful timber and fairly low wages, quite ideal for house construction. So, that figure it likely

Shipping container modular ceiling installation [video]

[please scroll down for the video] Samantha and I are considering shipping container (ISBU) construction for our garage and possibly our new house. We currently have an 8’x20′ container that we mounted our solar (PV) panels on top of and inside we have our batteries, inverter, etc.  We also use it as a simple storage container. But when taking the container concept beyond storage/utility into a more advanced structure, there are some issues. One problem with building with ISBUs is

Crazy cool bathroom!

Samantha and I are planning our new home, with the help of our good friend and architect John Odom. Along those lines today I came across a pretty crazy bathroom idea: An exhilarating bathroom experience awaits you. Bathroom Vanities Blog » Read more!   Idon’t think we will be doing anything quite so crazy in our houseplan, but it is pretty darn cool 🙂 PS this bathroom actually reminds me of some of the insane bathrooms in old Colorado mining buildings,

Micathermic heater (and why they are so thin)

While researching vented propane heaters, as well as electric heaters, I came across a listing for a micathermic heater. What the heck is a micathermic heater?! Well, it turns out this type of heater simply has a conventional electric heating element that is sandwiched between thin sheets of the mineral mica. How can they be so thin?  Efficiency? The mica sheets are very thin and (apparently) allow the element to be sufficiently insulated and protected. They appear thinner than even

Shed to office conversion!

Misc progress report below: 2011.10.18 finished cleaning out shed and removing all existing fixtures/items 2011.10.19 reinforced west wall, installed 36″x36″ window Thurs 10/20 x Seal gaps with expanding foam Fri 10/21 x roofing felt x wood supports x Install foam Sat/Sun 22/23 Taking a break for a trip to play disc-golf in Winona and visit John in STL. Stopped by Lowe’s to pickup supplies including screws and trim. Mon 24th (x) Pickup poplar wood for trim (80%) Plywood up (80%

What I looked for in a recliner (La-Z-Boy)

Recently I bought a La-Z-Boy recliner. Both my wife and I have really been enjoying it. Before purchasing the Lazy Boy I came very close to getting one of these recliners available from Amazon: Acme Sage Microfiber Recliner: Home & Garden – Amazon.com Description The Acme sage microfiber recliner is a space saving product that you can place in one corner of your house, without eating up much room. Perfect for those… I am still curious about the Acme recliner,