Help, network transfer stuck at ~10mb/s~11mb/s [SOLVED]

Network speeds were super slow, turns out I needed to power cycle my inexpensive gigabit switch as after transferring ~3TB of virtual machines and connecting a variety of clients it had basically become stuck in Fast Ethernet LAN speeds of 100 Mbps (resulting in real world SAMBA2 speeds of 10-11mb/s, rather than the normal Gigabit Ethernet speed 1000 Mbps (~100mb/s file transfer speeds)

Combined two unallocated 2TB partitions into 4TB [SOLVED]

Recently I started to repurpose a 4TB 2.5″ SATA SSD but ran into an issue utilizing the entire SSD. Specifically, even after deleting the existing partitions I could only allocate ~2TB and ~2TB (as shown on Disk1 below) Eventually, I realized that the issue was the drive had been setup as MBR instead of GPT. Here are the steps to remedy that and create a large contiguous 4TB partition. First the screenshot shows the steps, then the commands are listed

Photoshop keeps moving the wrong layer [SOLVED]

Recently when using Photoshop 2024 to move some small rasterized calendar text with a transparent background, Photoshop kept moving the wrong layer. Specifically the layer behind the object that I wanted to move. I checked that I was on the correct layer (and I was). Finally I realized that “Auto-Select” was checked in the move tool options dialog. After unchecking that, all was well! Short summary: if you are having difficulty getting photoshop to move the correct layer, try checking