Why we have to reset the low tire warning (how BMW’s TPMS works)

Very nice explanation by Barry45RPM: The way these German TPMS’s work is that when you “Reset” the system, this is the new memorized amount of air pressure that the system stores. Whatever pressure is in the tires at that moment is now considered to be the new “proper inflation pressure” comparison point. Later on if a tire pressure is no longer at that memorized pressure the system notifies you. When you reset, the then current pressures become the standard you wish

PayPal Extras Mastercard Review

The signup application for the PayPal Extras MasterCard

I saw the PayPal splash page advertising their ‘PayPal Extra MasterCard‘ and I thought I would check it out a little more. It sounds good: 3% on gas and restaurants 2% on eBay/PayPal 1% on other stuff However, a little closer reading shows some serious shortcomings: -Each ‘point’ is really only worth .83 of what you would normally think of as a point. For example, with most cards if you get a 100 points it is worth $1. With this card

Hodges window list

HODGES Andersen Window List

We have out finalized window list for the house. They are Andersen 200 series windows. They are wood with vinyl clad exteriors and the majority of them are double hung. Here is the complete list: HODGES Window List 2014 Sept 15th QTY: 12 6 4 1 1 28 3050DH 3040DH 2040DH 244DH2440 2046DH 3046FX 2046DH 2030DH 2030FIXED Garage Main 3 2 Attic     0 5 Garage windows       1st Floor Kitchen   1   1 Great Room

Standing seam metal for shop re-roof

I need to take a better photos, but this gives you and idea of what the roof looks like...

The old ‘Ondura‘ roof had started to degrade, but thankfully there was only one leak so far and it was just on the side wing not the interior shop. Ondura has to be re-coated every so many years and ours never had been. Prepping the shop for the new roof entailed removing a few thousand screws and then taking the existing Ondura panels off. We had: me, my mom, my dad, a couple friends and the friend’s dump truck so

iCloud celebrity nude photos leaked and downloaded: Apple’s Celebgate Nightmare

Photo Author: Gage Skidmore

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.	
Attribution: Gage Skidmore

This certainly is terrible timing for Apple. A little more than a week from their new product announcement event, including rumored wearables… it turns out that an apparent iCloud weakness/exploit has resulted in celebrity women having their private photos shared while wearing zero wearables. This may be the exploit that was used. After being stolen the nude photos were then posted to 4chan, imgur, facepunch and now torrent sites for download. Way to go Apple, nice job on security… not.

Aug 28: Working on the walkout/porch concrete forms, gravel delivery, ThermoPEX

So far today has been a rather quiet day on the construction front On the back walkout area, the framer is finishing up the forms/rebar/gravel for the concrete footings and slab. There are also pier locations for the posts that will support the back porch. Two loads of 1″ gravel delivered by Scott today for bedding in the ThermoPEX, PEX, conduit and ethernet (they’re all run in the same 2′ ditch) Martin Plumbing is coming out later today to do

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