2019 List of DisplayPort 1.2 daisy chainable MST monitors

Here is a current (as of January 2019) list of daisy-chainable DisplayPort LCD monitors:

Model numberBrandSize, Aspect Ratio, ResolutionPriceAdditional Info
UP3017 (New!)Dell30″ 16:10, 2560 x 1600Check priceLatest Dell 30″ model
U3014Dell30″ 16:10, 2560 x 1600Check priceOlder Dell 30″ model
U2913WMDell29″,  21:9, 2560 x 1080Check price
U2713HDell27″ 16:9, 2560 x 1440Check price
U2417H (New!)Dell24″, 16:9, 1920 x 1080Check priceEnable DisplayPort 1.2 (1), Instructions in manual on pg 41 (2)
U2415 (New!)
Recommended 24″ 16:10 LCD
Dell24″, 16:10, 1920 x 1200~$209Intel HD compatible (1), Triple Monitor (2)
U2414HDell24″, 16:9, 1920 x 1080Check price
U2413Dell24″, 16:10, 1920 x 1200Check price
PA279QAsus27″, 16:9, 2560×1440Check price
LT2934zLenovo29″, 21:9, 2560 x 1080Check price
BL3201PTBenQ32″, 16:9, 3840 x 2160Check price
VG2249 (New!)
Recommended 22″ LCD
ViewSonic22″, 16:9, 1920×1080Check price*Dual Pack available, ideal for VESA mounting
VG2449 (New!)ViewSonic24″, 16:9, 1920×1080Check price*Dual Pack available, ideal for VESA mounts

These monitors will let you chain multiple displays together from your MS Surface tablet, laptop, or PC (and some Macs I believe). For me this is particularly nice as my Dell XPS 13 (w/Infinity Display) does not have dock capability but it does have mini-DisplayPort for a sweet daisy chain setup.

Please note, these monitors will of course work with standard DisplayPort or mini-DisplayPort connectors/ports and you just need to choose the appropriate cable. Or if you simply want HDMI from DisplayPort you can do that instead. 🙂

DisplayPort Daisy-Chaining Setup Diagram

DisplayPort Daisy-Chaining Setup Diagram


  • Geoff Wright

    Thanks, I needed that. Ordered monitors off your list. They worked perfectly. Cheers.

  • Blake


    My office is having an issue with a box and graphics card and looks like we might go to an DisplayPort 1.2 MST setup. BUT I didn’t know what monitors were available. I went to google. My results gave me your page as my top result.

    My first thought was…I KNOW THAT GUY!!

    Thanks for this post, it helped me out a ton!!!

  • Jordan K

    Just a heads up, I utilized your table of MST capable monitors to pick two new monitors for my new MacBook Pro. I LOVE THIS CONFIGURATION. Thank you.

    • Hi Jordan,
      Thank you for your nice comment. I am very glad that you are using multi-monitors with your MacBook Pro 🙂 That makes for a sweet setup!

      Enjoy and have a great day!

      Best regards,

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