Ultimate triple monitor setup (for work, not particularly for gaming)

While preparing to redo my office, I am planning the “ultimate” LCD monitor setup. Let me clarify that I mean ultimate for my purposes: server management (RDP/SSH/etc.), email, spreadsheets, some image editing, minimal gaming. This is not ultimate in the gaming sense nor is it going to be as wild as some of the setups I have blogged about!

UPDATE: 2011.11.01

24mm wide angle photo of: 2007WFP, 3007WFP, 2007WFP all wall mounted

[end update]

Currently I am  using a Dell M6500 docked with a dual monitor setup:

  • 30″ Dell 3007WFP – I traded John two 22″ Apple Cinema Displays for this
  • 27″ Dell 2707WFP – got this cheap & new on eBay a number of years back

These monitors do not mesh very well together since font settings to make the 30″ look good tend to make fonts on the 27″ humongous. That’s what you get when you mismatch two monitors with quite different pixel pitch 😉

Switching to Triple Monitors (one wide, two 4:3)

So, I am planning on switching to a triple monitor setup with the 30″ 3007WFP front and center, complimented by 20.1″ 2007FP (IPS version) LCDs on each side. The 21″ monitors will actually be rotated 90 degrees to be in portrait mode. This will lead to a contiguous 1600 height resolution across all three monitors, with a fairly close inch height and PPI as well.

It will actually be very similar to this setup, except with a monitor on both sides:

3007WFP-HC Dell 30in LCD and 2007FP 20in Monitor - [H]ard|Forum 

3007WFP-HC Dell 30in LCD and 2007FP 20in Monitor – [H]ard|Forumhttp://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1503270Dell 2007FP LCD Monitor About two years old, but in great condition. Makes a great companion for your 3007wfp, 3007wfp-hc or 3008wfp. This is the Rev.00 version with the LG S-IPS…

And here is a simple Phtoshop mockup of the setup I am planning:

(Source: original individual monitor images are from images from Dell.com images for the press/media)

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And finally, here is some info from my mockup spreadsheet:

*if you can decipher my scribbling you’ll see how some combos will work great and others will crash and burn with epic fail 😉

Diagonal (c)27Inches
Aspect ratio:85

Resolution (WxH)19201200Display resolution:19201200
Inches of screen:2722.895954208114.3099713801Area:163.8202247191Inches
20” 4:3GCD:400
Diagonal (c)20.1Inches
Aspect ratio:43

Resolution (WxH)16001200Display resolution:16001200
Inches of screen:20.116.0812.06Area:96.9624Inches
Diagonal (c)30Inches
Aspect ratio:85

Resolution (WxH)25601600Display resolution:25601600
Inches of screen:3025.439949120215.8999682001Area:202.2471910112Inches
Diagonal (c)24Inches
Aspect ratio:85

Resolution (WxH)19201200Display resolution:19201200
Inches of screen:2420.351959296112.7199745601Area:129.4382022472Inches

Misc links and related info:

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