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Update: there is a new 1080p ViewSonic projector that would also be a very nice choice. It is called the View Sonic PJD6553W and it replaces the PJD6531w.

A good friend asked for a projector recommendation late last year. He needed to replace a failed projector and here was my recommendation:

First starting with criteria, then ending with specific model recommendations.

These criteria are based on my desire for the new projector to be as good or better than the old projector in every respect…

Old projector: 650 lumens
New projector: >= 1000 lumens (so it will be brighter than the old one)

Old projector: 2 year warranty
New projector: At least 3 year warranty

Old projector: 800×600 resolution
New projector: at least 800×600 resolution, preferably 1024×768 or higher
*resolution = number of pixels horizontally & vertically, or in other words, how “crisp”/sharp the image will be…

I am sticking with the ViewSonic brand for my recommendations because I have had good experiences with them, they have consistently high rankings on Amazon, as well as an excellent warranty.

Specific model recommendations:
#1 ViewSonic PJD6221
Middle of the road (bright and decent resolution)
2700 lumens
1024×768 resolution
3 year warranty
(not a lot of customer reviews on Amazon, but I checked TigerDirect/NewEgg/B&H Photo and it seemed to get about 4/5 stars)

#2 ViewSonic PJD6531w
Bigger, better, badder than before… for a bit more dough (the same projector that I have)
3000 lumens
1280×800 resolution
3 year warranty

#3 ViewSonic PJD5123
The same resolution as before, only brighter… and the  low cost choice
2700 lumens
800×600 resolution
3 year warranty

Super high-end
(probably overkill unless you plan on showing some bluray/high-definition movies at church…)

(would be easier to discuss these in person if need be… so I will just list them here)
+mounting brackets
+projector “throw” or how far back the projector needs to be (would want to make sure any replacement could go basically where the old projector was)
+remote control
+bulb life
+bulb replacement cost
+bulb warranty

Where to buy from:
Amazon has an excellent return policy so my recommendation would be to buy from them or another merchant that allows for easy returns (in case the projector did not work/mount like you wanted).

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