Dell M6500 USB 3.0 drivers download: Windows 7 x64 & 32-bit x86

Recently I purchased a Dell M6500 from the Dell Outlet for an astoundingly reasonable price. One of the nicest perks, which I did not expect, was that I received one of the upgraded M6500 systems with two USB 3.0 ports on the left hand side. They are the USB ports with blue on the inside connector portion.

However,  Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition did not have the drivers for the NEC USB 3.0 controller.

Download USB 3.0 Drivers for Dell M6500:

Here is the download link for the latest (as of 2011.06.19) USB 3.0 drivers for the M6500 on the website:

Dell download link – then look under “chipset” (sometimes Dell changes their URLs, so in that case there is a mirror below), [download id=”10453″] (local mirror, direct download)

NOTE: USB 3.0 must be enabled in the BIOS, otherwise the (2) USB 3 ports will function as USB 2.0 and Windows will auto-install a USB 2.0 driver but you will NOT get USB 3.0 speeds!

Conclusion: USB 3.0 rocks!

After installing the driver I am now getting super-fast speeds on my external USB 3.0 hard drive when transferring to/from my Dell M6500. I hope this helps you achieve warp-speed too! 🙂

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