Acer Aspire One 722 Performance Upgrades

If you have the lovely little AO722 netbook you may be looking for some simple and cheap upgrades. Here are my top upgrades for the AO722:

  1. Upgrade the RAM to 4GB for $20 or even 8GB for less than $40!
  2. Upgrade the HDD to a high performance SSD for less than $100
  3. Add bluetooth by upgrading the wifi card to a combo wifi + bluetooth card for about $20
  4. Add a Huawei 3G data card in the extra mini pci-e slot

The AMD C-50 CPU is about the only thing that is not upgradeable 🙁 But thankfully, as shown above and below, almost all the AO722’s other components are easily upgradeable!

After removing the retaining screw, pull downward on both of the rubber feet to slide open the access panel (NOT pictured: slide the battery lock open and remove the battery before proceeding)

If you have any additional performance tips for the A0722, please post in the comments below  🙂



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