Acer Aspire One AO722/AO725 8GB memory upgrade, recommended RAM? [ANSWER]

Q. I am looking at buying either an Acer Aspire One 722 or 725. Do either the AO722 and AO725 support 8GB of RAM? and if so, what is a memory module that is FOR SURE supported?   –Carly

A. Hi Carly, here are answers to both your questions:

Yes, the AO722 and AO725 support 8GB of memory!

Here is a nice Corsair 8GB memory module that is confirmed to work in the AO722/AO725 and right now it is only about $39.50 with free shipping and a lifetime warranty 🙂


For being such bargain laptops (generally available from $200-$300) I give them 5/5 stars for 8GB RAM compatibility and ease of upgrading!


  • SB

    Very helpful blog. I raced out and bought the Crucial 8GB (now 30.99 at AMZN), but my WEI is still pegged at 3.2, altho installed RAM sez 8.0GB (7.7 usable)
    What gives? Should I stick with a 4GB?
    I have a AO725 with AMD C-70 64-bit Win 8
    Please advise.
    PS. I did forget to remove the battery when I installed the 8GB but it is recognized nonetheless – just doesn’t seem to be a mind-blowing difference

    • Hi SB,
      Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in responding!

      To answer your question, the ‘overall’ WEI base score will always be pegged at whatever your lowest individual WEI score is. So in this instance your 3.2 is probably from the CPU or the Graphics, rather than the memory.

      If that is true in your case, where some other component is limiting your score, then I would definitely stick with the 8GB of memory as that is a great upgrade!

      If for some reason the Memory (RAM) portion of your WEI is actually a 3.2 then something would seem to be amiss, as I believe a score of 4.9 or so would be typical for the AO722?

      I hope this information has been helpful SB and please keep us posted on your experiences! 🙂

      Best regards,

  • V.C.


    Thank you for info and I’d like to confirm that CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9 is compatible with Acer AO725-0826. After replacing original 2GB stick with 8GB CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9 windows experience Index for memory improved from 4.9 to 5.1.


    • Hi V.C.,
      Thank you for your awesome comment! I appreciate you taking the time to confirm compatibility for other readers, it will be very helpful for people who want to use 8GB of nice memory with that cool laptop. 🙂 The price is also very reasonable and I like that it is currently available via Amazon Prime for free shipping!

      Have a great week and thanks again!

      Best regards,

  • Rey

    Is there a BIOS issue with 8B DIM for AO722?
    I have standby/wakeup problem.


    • Hi Rey,
      Thank you for your comment. I am not aware on any BIOS issue related to the AO722 and 8GB of RAM. Have you tried the very latest BIOS? Do you have any other 8GB SODIMMs available to test on?

      Sorry to not be of more help!

      Best regards,

  • Daniel

    Hi J.D.H, my question is i want to buy te ao725-0478. Can i upgrade the processor and memory???for what processor and memory???

    thanks and great job with the site!!!!

    • Hi Daniel,
      Thank you for your question! You can upgrade the memory 🙂 but unfortunately you cannot upgrade the CPU :-(.

      Here are complete instructions for upgrading the memory. The photos are of an AO722 but they apply to the AO725 a well.

      If your prospective AO725 has 2GB RAM then I would recommend upgrading to 4GB or 8GB depending on your budget. Likewise if you REALLY want to improve responsiveness, in addition to RAM, I highly recommend investing in a SSD for your AO725, it makes a huge difference in snappiness* compared to the default hard drive.

      *NOTE CPU intensive tasks will not be improved by a SSD, but these things will: boot time, suspend/resume, application load times, anything that stresses the hard drive etc.

      I have had good success with the following brands of SSD: Intel, Samsung, and Crucial. (OCZ brand too, but I have concerns about their financial viability as a company)

      Please let me know if you have additional questions Daniel!

      Best regards,

  • R.A.

    Hi.. I’m thinking of upgrading my ao722 too,, just that I recently upgraded it to windows 10 from windows 7 – 64bit. Does it make any difference? I mean using the 8gb of ram.. will it still support 8gb?

    And I find it difficult to get the corsair CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9 from where I live.. is it okay to use the corsair CMV8GX3M1A1333C9 instead?

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon. 😉

    • Hi R.A.,
      Thank you for your comment!

      You should be ready for 8GB of RAM with Windows 10 64 bit (the upgrade should not cause any problems).

      Unfortunately, the 2nd Corsair product you listed is desktop memory instead of laptop memory. So sadly it will not work 🙁

      Can you give me some more info on where you are located? Perhaps I can find an alternative memory that is available in your location 🙂

      Best regards and have a great weekend!

      • R.A.

        wow.. so sweet of you to even help me find an alternative one.. i live in italy but everything that you can find in europe will be just fine..

        glad to find your site..

        thanks a lot!! 😉

  • Michelle Tremblay

    Hello JD,

    Back again. I want to upgrade the RAM on my Acer A-One 725 to 8GB as you recommend. I am in Canada and can’t seem to find the Corsair product you recommend on Any ideas?

    What about the hard drive? You mention the Crucial M4. There are four on

    As for the Kingston, there are three:

    I am a little hesitant about replacing the hard drive if this entails hours of reinstalling software, etc. I realize the Crucial M4 is delivered with a data transfer kit.

    I greatly appreciate your sound advice.

    Many thanks and best regards,


    • Hi Michelle!
      Sorry that I did not see this comment earlier. As per my other reply, I would recommend a transfer kit purchased separately from the SSD. This will let you pick the best SSD and the best transfer kit, without having to compromise on either 🙂

      Also, the 120GB Samsung EVO is a very nice SSD at a good price available to you in Canada. Personally, I prefer a bit more space, but if that will hold your files then it is definitely fast enough!

      Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you again for commenting! 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Michelle Tremblay

    Hello JD,

    I tried publishing a message the other day, so I hope I’m not repeating myself.

    I want to upgrade the RAM on my Acer A-One 725-0670 (Windows 7) as you recommend. I am in Canada. Could you confirm that the following is the product I need:

    Also hoping you can point out an SSD with data transfer capabilities that I could use to replace the HDD?

    Many thanks once again for your kind help.



    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for your nice comment and great questions!

      #1 Yes, the Corsair memory module CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9 that you linked to (on should work perfectly.

      #2 For HDD to SSD replacement/migration, I would recommend something along these lines:
      +Apricorn SATA Hard Drive Upgrade Kit
      +Samsung EVO SSD
      +USB DVD drive (to load the cloning CD/DVD from)

      With those items (or the corresponding ones from you should be totally ready for transferring your data from your old HDD to your fast new SSD!

      Have a great week and please let me know if you have any additional questions Michelle 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Michelle Tremblay

    Hello again JD,

    Many thanks for your recommendations. Your help is really greatly appreciated.

    I am a freelance translator (English to French). If I can ever be of help, do not hesitate.



  • Michelle Tremblay

    Hello JD,

    I assume that if you haven’t answered my question about the battery problem in my Acer A1 is that there is no solution. So, my other question is: can you recommend another Acerlaptop (small since I will be travelling) that the Corsair memory module CMSO8GX3M1A1333C9 could be used in. I could at least salvage that part of the computer.

    Once again, many thanks and best regards,


    • Hi Michelle!
      Thank you for your comments, I apologize for the delay in responding. I had never heard of the symptoms you described and I was trying to find some info before posting.

      I’m still checking but the odds are not looking good 🙁

      As for a potential replacement, can you let me know a few things:
      #1 Your price range?
      #2 What operating system do you like?
      #3 Is a touch screen important to you?
      #4 Do you have a preferred screen size?

      The first question is probably the most important, but all the rest are helpful too. I have some good replacement laptop candidates in mind 🙂

      Thanks again for visiting my site Michelle!

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