Use Thunderbird to find online transactions for Quicken

Tax time approaches. Thus around the Hodges household we are catching up on our Quicken data entry. We track every cent we spend and anything that can make that process easier/faster is appreciated 🙂 That is one reason why I like Thunderbird so much, it makes it very simple to find emails that contain online transaction info (invoices, receipts, etc.)

Here is the basic process:

#1 Download the latest transaction info using Quicken

This will give us a list of transactions with Amazon as the merchant, an associated date and amount

#2 Here is a screenshot showing a simple layout of windows for searching for that particular invoice

The result is easily finding the exact transaction in a matter of seconds 🙂

Search Messages dialog, and displaying the message

Search Messages dialog, and displaying the message

Much better than digging through a box of receipts! 😉

PS a dual monitor setup is ideal as you can have Quicken open on one monitor and the Thunderbird windows open on the other monitor…

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