Getting QuickSync to work in DVDFab [solved]

Q. I am trying to get Intel Quick Sync to work in DVDFab but my speeds seem to still suck bad… whats wrong???!!! -Comprfanz

A. Can you elaborate on your compression settings/profile?

Q. Surely its two pass with 1500kbs and its a DVD I own that Im using the DVD ripper for to got to mp4…

A. Okay, please try it as one pass instead of two pass… DVDFab seems to have a bug that prevents QuickSync from kicking in when 2-pass is selected! Please let me know if this solves your problem for you.

Q. Update fromĀ Comprfanz: wow that did it… I went from 60fps and super high cpu utilisation to over 200fps and quality = really good still, THX!!!

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