NUC cannot enter BIOS/UEFI [SOLVED]

Q. Help! I have a new little Intel NUC computer and I can’t get it to enter the BIOS 🙁 I have a monitor hooked up with HDMI and a keyboard via USB. I checked the keyboard on another computer and it works great, but on the NUC I can never get it to enter the BIOS in time on bootup! Please help!

A. Hi Richard, is that keyboard connected to the back of the NUC? If not, you probably need to use the front USB port. Some Intel NUCs, especially the early models, seem to only be able to utilize the front USB port for keyboard BIOS/UEFI access. So, please use the following steps:

  1. Connect a known good USB keyboard to the front USB port
  2. Power on the system
  3. Keep pressing F2 to enter BIOS/UEFI
Use the front USB port on your NUC

Use the front USB port on your NUC

Hopefully that will do the trick for you!

Best regards,

Followup from Richard:

That did the trick, the FRONT USB port let me get right into the visual BIOS, THANK YOU 🙂

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