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Topaz Video AI benchmarks 2023 (GPU list)

Based on the various posted results, the performance in FPS for various GPUs when running Topaz Video AI depends on several factors, such as: Here are some examples of user-reported benchmark results for different GPUs and AI models: GPU Artemis 1X Artemis 2X Artemis 4X Proteus 1X Proteus 2X Proteus 4X Gaia 1X Gaia 2X Gaia 4X RTX 3080 Ti¹ 17.73 fps 8 fps 2.09 fps 13.09 fps 6.21 fps 1.99 fps 8.14 fps 5.32 fps 2.62 fps RTX 4080⁴

Fix GOM Player distorted sound

If your GOM Player has very distorted/scratchy/popping noise during video playback, then here is a setting you will want to check: Preferences -> Audio -> Audio Effects tab -> Voice Filter -> Disable Setting the audio effects voice filter to ‘None’ resolved the sound issue for me. Previously the ‘cut’ filter had been checked and it was causing some terrible sound issues on certain videos, I am not sure how the checkbox ever got check but it could have been

Disable CTRL-ALT hotkey rotation on Win 7 w/Intel video

Links: Screen Rotation on INTEL graphics cardshttp://www.edugeek.net/forums/windows/4500-screen-rotation-intel-graphics-cards.htmlWindows Thread, Screen Rotation on INTEL graphics cards in Technical; I have made an MSI patch to prevent the CTRL+ALT+UP / DOWN / LEFT /RIGHT hotkey(s). It disables the intel… Disabling Screen Rotation Hotkeys – Windows 7 Forumshttp://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/195664-disabling-screen-rotation-hotkeys.htmlHi, I would like to disable the hotkeys for rotating screen (ctrl+alt+arrows) but I cannot. In fact, I right clicked on desktop and from Graphic Options I chose Hot Keys and then… [end]

History of Intel’s QuickSync, soon even faster! (Ivy Bridge)

Intel’s Quick Sync is a great new feature of their latest CPUs. One reader experienced 3x faster encoding and that is definitely not out of the norm! You are probably already familiar with how Quick Sync speeds up video encoding and that it is generally regarded as better than the competing AMD and NVIDIA solutions. However, here are a couple tidbits you may not have heard yet! #1 Intel’s Ivy Bridge brings even faster acceleration to Quick Sync If this progression keeps

Which Intel GMA does i945GTm-VHL have?

Q. I just built a little mini-computer HTPC with a i945GTm-VHL motherboard from AOpen. When I go into device mananger under video/display adapters all I see is “mobile 945 express chipset family” but what I want to know is what version of Intel video GMA do I have? A. Your motherboard has Intel GMA 950 integrated video. You can find more details about your motherboard here:   AOpen Global – i945GTm-VHL specshttp://global.aopen.com/products_detail.aspx?Auno=2064Support Intel® Viiv™ Technology Integrated Gen 3.5 graphics controller in

Duke Nukem Forever game benchmarks (FPS)

There are only two computer games that I play these days: StarCraft 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. Both of which are sequels to venerable classics. StarCraft 2 is widely considered a worthy successor to SC1. Duke Nukem Forever is generally not considered to be worthy compared to it’s older counterpart Duke Nukem 3D. However, they are both surprisingly fun to play in multiplayer for exactly the opposite reasons: StarCraft 2 – one of the ultimate games when it comes to skill, it

Difference between Push2TV PTV1000 vs PTV2000 HD?! WiDi 1 & 2?! [answered]

Q. Got new laptop with WiDi in it… now looking for adapter to hookup to my bigscreen LCD TV. I see lots of PVT1000 on eBay for pretty cheap but the PTV2000 is like twice as much?! What is the difference plz… –Rich A. Good question. The PTV1000 was one of the first WiDi receivers ever produced and it was launched with Intel’s WiDi 1.0 and 2010 CPUs. WiDi 1.0 supports only 720p and thus the PTV1000 only supports 720p