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IPCop ‘boot error’ occurs after successful installation

Summary of article: If you mount the IPCop (or smoothwall) ISO via IPMI and then install, you are likely to get a boot error once you reboot and the ISO is unmounted. A workaround is to install via an actual DVD drive* (USB, SATA or IDE should all work) *you can remove the drive after install. All the gory details: This weekend I was at the datacenter for work. Part of my task was to setup a new firewall using

One Click or No Click DVD Ripping [HOWTO]

Q. Helloz… ive been backing up my DVD collection b/c Im worried about scratching them. i like DVD shrink on Windoze but it takes a few clicks to do it. Is there a 1 click way to make it eazier and faster? thx n advanc –DVDFan91 A. Interesting spelling and good question. 😉 There are a few resources out there dedicated to the one click or even NO click dvdrips, so yes you can make it happen! NOTE: please make

Getting QuickSync to work in DVDFab [solved]

Q. I am trying to get Intel Quick Sync to work in DVDFab but my speeds seem to still suck bad… whats wrong???!!! -Comprfanz A. Can you elaborate on your compression settings/profile? Q. Surely its two pass with 1500kbs and its a DVD I own that Im using the DVD ripper for to got to mp4… A. Okay, please try it as one pass instead of two pass… DVDFab seems to have a bug that prevents QuickSync from kicking in