New Exede Speedboost plans + wifi [review & prices]

Here are some new updates on Exede’s latest plans:

Exede's top speed plans in my area (MO)

Exede’s top speed plans in my area (MO)

Personally, I would only pick a plan that has their new Speedboost + WiFi modem and the Liberty Pass. Initially I enjoyed the “late night free zone” (or LNFZ) but as of late it just became too much of a hassle to manage data usage during the daytime (and saving all the heavy stuff for late night) so now I much prefer the ease and simplicity of the Liberty Pass. Plus I absolutely hated paying the $10 a month per GB extra if I went over. Thank goodness there are no overages with the Liberty Pass.

NOTE: I have no affiliation with Exede, other than being a customer.


  • Jody Walker

    Hi J.D.,

    I’ve appreciated your Exede reviews. I’m considering moving into a rural area where the only internet options are via satellite. Exede, to me, seems to be the best option. However, I work from home over the internet and would love to pick your brain about a few items and your experiences using Exede. Should I ask my questions here or through a different means? Thanks so much.

    • Hi Jody,
      Thank you for your nice comment!

      This is a great place to ask, feel free to post another comment and I will respond there.

      Thanks again and have a great day 🙂

      Best regards,

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