Daily Exede speedtest.net results

Here are some daily Exede internet speedtest results, I will continue periodically posting results to this same page.

Please be aware that these are not necessarily ‘real world’ results… I generally find that real world raw downloads and uploads surpass these results. However, this at least gives you something to compare to other internet services! 🙂

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March 17th 8:09AM CST, during another downpour of rain, Windows 7 with Chrome web browser:

I was very impressed with this result as it was raining quite hard at the time! 🙂

March 10th, during rainstorm, Windows 7 with Chrome web browser:
Rainy forecast
Exede speedtest results during a rainstorm

March 4th, Windows 7 with Google Chrome web browser:

March 3rd, Android app:

2013.Mar.1st, 9:53PM


FYI Here is a result when in the ‘slowed’ mode (which happens after you go past your monthly transfer limit)


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