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How to cancel Dish TV service [solved]

Dish still doesn’t offer an option to cancel via their website ūüôĀ Nor will they cancel via chat ūüôĀ So if you need to cancel your Dish TV service: Call:¬†866-218-2297 Press “1” for English Press “1” to confirm your account (they look it up via the phone number you are calling from) Enter four¬†digit account security code Talk to an account representative and request to cancel service they will likely offer you a discount or offer to put your¬†service on

New Exede Speedboost plans + wifi [review & prices]

Here are some new updates on Exede’s latest¬†plans: Personally, I would only pick a plan that has their new Speedboost + WiFi modem and the Liberty Pass. Initially I enjoyed the “late night free zone” (or LNFZ) but as of late it just became too much of a hassle to manage data usage during the daytime (and saving all the heavy stuff for late night)¬†so now I much prefer the ease and simplicity of the Liberty Pass. Plus I absolutely

Daily Exede speedtest.net results

Here are some daily Exede internet speedtest results, I will continue periodically posting results to this same page. Please be aware that these are not necessarily ‘real world’ results… I generally find that real world raw downloads and uploads surpass these results. However, this at least gives you something to compare to other internet services! ūüôā Best regards, -JD March 17th 8:09AM CST, during another downpour of rain, Windows 7 with Chrome web browser: I was very impressed with this

Toshiba Satellite F01N unknown device / pci simple communication controller [driver download]

Q. Hello, I have toshiba satellite c850 fo1n ‚Äúunknown device and pci simple communication controller” not working can you help out? A. Sure! If your device¬†manager¬†is showing a yellow question mark for unknown device F01n as well as the simple communications controller on the Satellite C850, that problem should be solved by the following driver download: [download id=”10485″ format=”1″] (Intel Chipset Utility for Toshiba Satellite laptops, both 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64) NOTE: this driver may also work

Difference between original WildBlue and Exede [explained]

Recently I had some people ask me what the differences are between the¬†original WildBlue and Exede satellite internet plans. The answer: They utilize different satellites and offer vastly different speeds and usage experiences. Exede utilizes ViaSat-1, the most capable commercial communications satellite in existence Launched October 19, 2011 aboard a¬†Proton rocket, it is the world’s highest capacity communications satellite with a total capacity in excess of 140 Gbit/s, more than all the satellites covering North America combined, at the time

WildBlue US Government Recovery Act Program and Plans

If you are in the market for Exede or WildBlue Broadbrand, make sure to checkout the WidlBlue US Recovery act plan first: US Government Stimulus Program | Satellite Internet Service from Wild Bluehttp://get.wildblue.com/recovery-act-program.htmlThe limited time U.S. government Recovery Act Program is currently in effect, but funds are running out. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for discounted monthly rates, plus‚Ķ WildBlue & the US Recovery Act | Low Cost Broadbandhttp://www.wildblue.com/options/recovery-actThis special program is available to rural unserved households under the

How to suspend DirecTV account?! [answer]

UPDATE: if they tell you that you have suspended the maximum amount allowed for the annual period, you may want to try telling them that “in that case I need to cancel my service”. In my experience, they will¬†quickly¬†accommodate¬†you after that. If you’re going on vacation and want to suspend your DirecTV account while you’re away, here’s the phone number: 1-800-531-5000 and let them know you would like to suspend your service. Here are the requirements that DirecTV lists for

SkyGrabber Review [updated with screenshots and download]

If you’ve read about the security vulnerability of US military drone planes, like the Predator,¬† you probably wanted to checkout the Russian¬† SkyGrabber software to see what all the fuss is about. Unfortunately, their site seems to be down due to all the traffic. Hopefully the military (or the company that builds the drones) will fix the vulnerability soon! UPDATE 2: download links for Skygrabber link #1, link #2 (mirror) UPDATE 1. Here is a screenshot of the Skygrabber program