Lush Summer in Missouri

We’re back from our Colorado vacation and WOW, everything is amazingly green here in Missouri! For August, this is the most lush I ever remember seeing the vegetation. There must have been some serious rains while we were gone. The following photo is meant to show the almost jungle like state of the forest around here ;-). Hopefully we will have a lot of black walnuts this year!


The pine trees I planted, which are about three years old, grew 6-8 inches in two weeks. Our tomato plants are still producing and the peppers Kevin gave us are coming along nicely. The tree leaves in general are just POPPING with vibrant green color:

P1010101Sorry to keep gushing about this, but I am just so excited that this summer has been so mild (temperature wise) and hyrdated. I think the rain has kept the plants growing almost non-stop from Spring until now.

Misc wrap-up

This is our first day back home after CO. We only had time last night to eat at Mexican Villa (Campbell) in Springfield and visit one set of friends. Then it was time to finish the drive home. We got in a little after midnight.  There were a lot more cool people we wanted to visit in Springfield, but it’s going to have to wait until next week.

Things are good at home: the house was in good shape, the yard was nice thanks to my mom kindly mowing for us, my office was gloriously awaiting my return (I missed my big monitor ;-)). Today Samantha has been researching dogs, catching up online and doing lots of other cool Samantha-type stuff. I’ve been doing some misc work and fasting. After being in a car and eating fast food, I felt like not eating anything today. Though I must admit now I am looking forward to food tomorrow!

That’s it for now. Lot’s of good work and play projects coming up soon. Here’s hoping your summer has been, and continues to be, a great one!

PS here are a couple flower photos from today…



  • In the past two weeks we went from a rain deficit of 6 to 8 inches, to being about average (two weekends back it rained from Thursday through Sunday at about 2 to 3 inches a day). Several times our back yard has had standing water in it (and we’re not even in a low area) because it couldn’t soak in or run off quickly.

    Even with the rain, some of the trees have been over stressed and are starting to turn color already (in particular the maples). In northern MN it was snowing just a few days back, a little unusual but I’ll take the more mild temperatures we’ve had this summer over the 95+ degree and humid days.

  • J.D.

    Wow, it sounds like you guys really made up for some lost rainfall. Glad to hear that you didn’t have full-fledged flooding in your immediate vicinity.

    This has definitely been an odd season across the United States. Regardless, I hope that we all have some nice fall colors :-).

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