Update from Tulsa: Delightful Evening

Samantha and I arrived in Tulsa this afternoon. Then we spent some time recooperating from the past few days excitement: Easter, Samantha’s birthday(s), plus good times with great friends and family.

Tonight we headed over to the Fettkether’s place for dinner. The evening was replete with delicious food, birthday cake, homemade root beer and great company. Kaldun was on top of his game tonight. He showed me his new pet Mooshu, played the violin for us, enjoyed a present that my mom sent him, and much more.

After Kaldun went to bed we decided to play the card game “Pitch”. Kelli ended up being as much of a card shark as Samantha’s grandma. We all tried to give Kelli a run for her money but she came out on top both times we played.

It was a great evening and I am very thankful to have such splendid friends. They made the night yet another great birthday experience for Samantha (I’ll leave more of the details for Samantha to blog about).

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