Samantha’s Birthdays

This post will be updated periodically until Samantha’s birthday on the 14th of April…

Here is a photo from her birthday last year:

Samantha in Pink Ribbons

Samantha in Pink Ribbons

For her birthday she always seems to end up with ribbon in her hair!

We’ll be going to Springfield/Bolivar for the day of Samantha’s birthday. So today we’re doing a little early celebrating here at the farm. Samantha is getting one of her favorite meals for lunch (chimichangas) and we’re opening a few presents tonight.

Presents so far

  • Blog upgrade (2009/April/10th)
    • I upgraded her blog from an older WPMU installation to a brand-spankin’-new full WordPress installation: The new installation should be much faster and reliable, with lots of new features to boot! The theme (graphic design) is temporary until she has time to pick out one she really likes.
  • Trip to Tulsa (2009/April/15th-19th)
    • We’re going down to Tulsa to visit friends, do some post-birthday partying, and eat sushi at Asahi. There are all sorts of fun activities scheduled [thanks Jesse!] but that’s for another post.

To be continued…

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  • I had no idea you were upgrading my blog this morning! I really like it! Thank you!

    PS – I’ll post a picture maybe later today on my blog of another birthday I ended up with ribbons in my hair.

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