A Few Personal Highlights of 2009

As I ponder the year, and how fast it sped by, here is a short sampling (there are a lot of things left out) of what stood out during the year… You can checkout Samantha’s year end recap as well as Jessica’s. If you have your own year end recap, please post a link in the comments!

These are organized by category, not by chronology… Warning, there are a LOT of photos!

  • Travel
    • New Year celebration in Colorado Springs (at the beginning of this year) with family
      Ren Fair
      and the renaissance fair in Colorado that summer
    • Christmas and New Year’s (tonight) in Hawaii
  • Weddings
    • Jes and Neil‘s Wedding in Columbiawed
      Lovely Samantha, me, and the beautiful bride
    • Kevin and Shannon‘s Wedding in Key West
      KA Wed
      The groomsman, groom, best man
  • Misc Festivities
    • Going to John’s lake party
      Riding the Honda mini bike at the lake
    • Kayaking trip
    • Halloween with good friends in  Springfield
      Trekkies for Halloween
      Being trekkies for Halloween
    • Kevin’s bachelor party
    • Other get togethers throughout the year
    • Getting reacquainted with friends
      Winona Friends

      Buds in STL

  • Birthdays:
  • Computers:
    • Sony VAIO VGN-Z520 13.3″ notebook – an amazingly compact notebook
    • Dell M4400 – reasonably priced powerhouse of a machine!
  • Cameras
    • Olympus E-P1
      Olympus E-P1
    • Panasonic TS-1
  • Gadgets
    • iPod touch 64GB
    • Sony PRS-505 reader
  • Household
    • Upgrading the batteries in our off the grid electrical system.
    • Installing some new solar panels
    • Remodeling the house
      • Samantha did the drywall, painting and trim
      • I did the electrical re-wiring and helped Samantha
      • We had the flooring installed professionally
  • Work
  • Misc
    • Selling (on eBay)  a wide variety of items I wasn’t using using
    • Starting P90X workout program and liking the results
  • Random things I enjoyed:
    • Picnics
    • Time with family
    • Visiting friends
      Finishing Kevin and Shannon's Photo Shoot
    • Watching the fire in the stove at home
    • Seeing Samantha hone her photographic skills, it’s been awesome seeing her take such awesome photos!
    • Mexican Villa, I never tire of it…
      Mexican Villa!

Whew, it’s been a busy year! Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

PS If you have your own year end recap, please post a link in the comments :-).

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