Work is done so it’s party time

For the past week Samantha and I have been working hard in preparation for taking some time off to party. Now party time has arrived :-). We’re in Springfield now, I’m doing some final work from the comfort of our Honda Element and Samantha is getting ready to go hang out with Cheryl and Amy. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some Drury buddies for lunch and then it is time to celebrate Kevin’s birthday in the evening (we’re going to watch Star Trek amongst other manly things ;-)).

After that it should be some R&R in Spfd and Rockaway until the weekend when hopefully we’ll get to hang out with Samantha’s mom (and maybe Samantha’s grandparents) in the vicinity of Springfield and Bolivar. I’m sure there will be some work interspersed in there and I know we’ll be mowing the yard in Rockaway (if we ever get more dry weather) but overall we have our ducks in a row so it is nice to chill a bit!

Hope everybody is having a good week out there!!

PS It was an absolutely gorgeous day this morning and noon, hopefully a sign of more nice weather this Spring!

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