Disable beep on Acer AO722 netbook [SOLVED two ways]

The Acer AO722 is a lovely little netbook. However, it does have a few annoyances. One of which is that when using the netbook it will make an annoyinh beep, if you plug-in, or unplug, the power supply. πŸ™

I am not sure why Acer designed the A0722 this way, but thankfully there are a couple ways to disable the power plug beep!

In Windows 7 go to:

Control Panel > Sound > Playback Tab > Speakers > Properties > Levels Tab > Mute PC Speaker

Thanks to slickdeals for this tip!

Β Or the more complicated method,

  • Control Panel
    • Device Manager
      • Click on the “View” menu option
      • Click “Show Hidden Devices”
      • Click the + sign next to “Non-Plug and Play Devices” from the list of devices to expand the listing
      • Double click “Beep”
      • Select the the “Driver” tab
      • Choose “Disabled” in the Startup drop down menuThanks to and adapted from original source here.

Hopefully these tips will make your laptop’s annoying beeps a thing of the past! πŸ™‚


  • Britt

    thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • wb640

    Unfortunately, methods don’t work in Acer Aspire One 522 with Windows 7. Annoying beep remains even when System/beep is disabled. Anyone … ??

    • Hi wb640,
      That is a real bummer that the aforementioned methods aren’t working πŸ™

      Have you checked in the BIOS to see if there is an option to disable the beep there? That probably won’t work either as Acer seems to not put a disable option in there πŸ™

      HOWEVER, I was able to find a couple more methods that may work for you:
      -if you mute the system (using the keyboard mute button or Windows volume mute) then that is reported to mute the beep as well
      -the realtek audio drivers seem to enable the beep, if the drivers are not installed then the beep likely won’t happen
      –specifically, these steps are suggested by user Jbud on the notebookreview forums:
      1) Uninstall your audio driver.
      2) Reboot.
      3) Let windows replace them with generic HD audio drivers.
      4) Enjoy never hearing the awful beep again.

      Sorry that I cannot verify those two tips on the 522, but they are reported to work on other Acers like the 5740… and I can verify that the mute works on my Acer. I hope these tips helps and please report back if you get the chance, thanks! πŸ™‚

      Best regards,

  • Thank you πŸ™‚ That was awfully annoying!

  • Donkey

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried 30 other “fixes” and yours is the first one that worked. Thank you thank you!

    I also wish I had known that the Acer 722 can take 8GB of ram… now what will I do with the old 4gb now that my 8gb is on its way?

    • Howdy Donkey,
      I am very glad you were able to get the annoying beep disabled on your Acer 722!

      Also, congrats on the upcoming sweet 8GB ram upgrade. You’ll have quite the awesome machine when everything is all said and done πŸ™‚

      Best regards,


    Awesome fix. Worked perfectly!

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