Dell laptop [SOLVED] peeling paint on the speaker grill

Q. Hi. I read you also have a Dell M4400. Do you have a problem with paint peeling from the left speaker grill cover on your Dell Precision? Because on mine I do and I am trying to find the part to replace/fix it with. I do not mind if it takes a lot of work. I know the part number for the RIGHT speaker grill b/c I find it on ebay. But how do I find the LEFT speaker grill cover? Thank you in advance for any help you provide.

A. Yes, I too have an M4400 with paint peeling from the left speaker. 🙁 Thankfully, I have a solution if you really want to fix the issue. These instructions will work similarly for both the Dell M4400 and the Dell Latitude E6500…

Right Speaker Grill Replacement

As you noticed, the Dell right speaker grill is readily available and has its own individual part number P895C (just search for that part # on eBay and it should be less than $10). Some of them contain the fingerprint reader as well, while others may be speaker only (no finger print reader). Once you have a replacement part, here are the complete service instructions:


Documentation for Right Speaker Grill Speaker Grill and Fingerprint Reader – Dell Precision™ Service Manual


Left Speaker Grill Replacement

For the left speaker grill if you want to replace it yourself you actually have to order the ENTIRE palm rest assembly! Part number DW001. It should be less than $20 and you can usually find them on ebay by searching for DW001 or Dell M4400 palm rest. I recommend looking for one in grade “A” condition as there is minimal price difference yet the condition is much better and should last you longer.


Documentation for Left Speaker Grill M2.5 x 5-mm screw (10) 2 captive screw (near hard drive) 3 M2.5 x 8-mm screw (1) 4 captive screw (near optical bay) 5 captive screw (near I/O card)


The only bad news is that the process is VERY involved, about 38 steps to be precise! 🙁 But at least there is a way, albeit lengthy, to do it.

UPDATE: here are photos showing the left speaker grill (and entire palmrest assembly) being removed…

UPDATE2: Helpful commenter JP mentioned that Dell may replace the speaker grill for you for free if you contact them.  Also, if your M4400 is still under warranty and you have this problem then Dell should definitely replace the grill for you.


  • JP

    I spoke with Dell and they have replaced the part free of charge as a ‘gesture of goodwill’. The engineer was aware of others. The problem is due to the heat generated from the fan.

    There is no other way of changing this…

  • Hi JP,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, your are correct. Replacing the entire assembly is the only way to fix the problem 🙁

    Best regards,

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