Create Shortcut on Desktop from FireFox? [SOLVED]

Question. One of my favorite features from Internet Explorer is the option to right-click to “Create Shortcut” on desktop. I find this handy when I am working on a project. I can just save shortcuts to the desktop and then move them to folders, so I can keep the web page URL link in a directory WITH other related documents. Whereas in FireFox I tend to just add the link to an ever-expanding bookmarks file. 🙁 It would be great to be able to use the power and coolness of FireFox with that old simple feature from Internet Explorer. Can you help me?!

Answer: I know exactly the feature you’re talking about, there are a number of ways to accomplish your goal, so let’s get started! 🙂

#1 the built in FireFox way:

Resize the Firefox browser window so you can view both your computer’s desktop & the Firefox window at the same time. Left Click on the site icon next to the “Location” bar, to the left of the web page address (the Google “G” icon in or example. Continue holding the Left mouse button down and drag the web page icon to the desktop, then release the Left mouse button (aka “Drag and Drop” the icon). This will create a shortcut to that web page on your desktop, just like the ones you create in Internet Explorer!

Dragging the location bar webpage icon to create a shorcut

BONUS TIP 1: you can drag the icon to any folder, not just the desktop
BONUS TIP 2: you can do this same process with webpages stored in your FireFox Bookmarks menu, or the FireFox History sidebar

#2 Use a cool Firefox Plugin: deskCut

deskCut is a Firefox plugin that adds a shortcut creation option to the FireFox context menu (i.e. when you right click on a webpage)

Right Click to create deskCut

This makes Firefox behave very much like Internet Explorer when it comes to shortcut creation!

Conclusion: Firefox gets the job done

As usual, Firefox shows itself to be a very capable browser. I hope these tips help you get even more enjoyment out of the awesome Firefox browser!

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