Upgrade Acer Aspire AS7560 memory

UPDATE: Readers have asked what memory I recommend for upgrading the AS7560 to 8GB of RAM. My recommendation is 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 Corsair memory because it offers a lifetime warranty and solid performance 🙂 Crucial is another brand that offers some good 8GB memory kits, but sometimes they can be a few dollars more expensive.

Here are photos and instructions for upgrading the RAM on an Acer Aspire AS7560 laptop:

IMPORTANT NOTE: always remove the laptop’s battery* before beginning any part removal/upgrade. Also, be careful of static electricity! To ground yourself, periodically touch a metal object (other than your laptop) to discharge any static electricity -or- invest in an anti-static wrist band. :-)

*to remove the battery: before the battery can be removed, there is a spring loaded tab/switch that must be moved into the unlocked position. The tab is located on the bottom of the laptop near one corner of the battery [just above the “Tutorial” label in the 1st photo below]. You can use a pen, small screwdriver tip, or possibly just  the tip of your finger to slide the tab and then you can easily remove the battery…

The basic steps are:

  1. Unplug the laptop, remove the battery
  2. Open the access panel on the bottom of the laptop
  3. If you have an empty memory slot, put your new memory in that slot -or- if you have no free memory slots, remove the old memory
    1. Remove old memory by releasing the two retention brackets sandwiching the memory stick [only if you are replacing some of the laptop’s existing memory]
  4. Carefully insert new memory into an empty slot, making sure to properly align the memory stick’s connectors with the laptops memory slot
    1. Once the memory is properly seated, press down on the end that is sticking up in order to lower it into the locked position
  5. Once memory is securely installed, replace the access panel
  6. Reinstall the battery (optional: connect the power supply)
  7. Power on the laptop and verify that the new memory is recognized (either by using the BIOS or by checking in the operating system)



  • j j

    thank you for the guide. that was very helpful. i didn’t know those two screws are retaining screws and i had been trying to remove those two screws to no avail for a long time. then i read this to find out those two screws are suppose to stay on the panel. :p your guide helped a lot.

    also, the following is my experience:
    after putting in 8gb of memory, windows 7 resource monitor and control panel said 8gb installed, 3.5gb available. win7 resource monitor showed that 4gb are hardware reserved. restart does not help. on windows 7 forum, some people said we might have to change bios settings to trigger memory remap. however, i did not see any bios setting for that on my acer as7560-sb416.

    i physically unplug and replug the memory (swapping the socket this time). then when i boot up, windows jump into a blue background screen with an option to do memory diagnostic test. i select that and run it. the test never finished, but when i reboot again, windows 7 shows 8gb installed and 7.5gb available this time. 🙂

    • Hi j j,
      Thank you very much for your kind words, I am very glad that my guide was helpful!

      Also, thank you VERY much for the informative info about 8GB of RAM in the AS7560. I think your tips will be extremely helpful for people in a similar situation.

      Thanks again and have a great week!

      Best regards,

  • Sol

    You’re photo of the upgrading process was very helpful (AS7560). I just brought a NV-75s Gateway on secondipity for 279 and it’s similar specs. Surprising, similar parts as well. The under cartridge is the same on the two laptop. I’m glad cause I haven’t been able to find photos with the motherboard expose.

    A person on slickdeals has manage to stick an SSD card in the laptop. (a 7MM) to be exact and it works, with the condition of manual removing some plastic part of the back cover and holding it with some kind of adhesive.

    Anyways, I’ll be posting this info on the SD website because there’s 2 more people that’s interesting in that process a well! Well I lied, 3 including me ^-^, but I’m still on the line because an SSD card that’s 7mm is 80$ which is about 30% the price of my entire laptop :(!

    • Hi Sol,
      Thank you for your very informative comment!

      I had not heard of the NV75s, nor the secondipity site. Both are very cool 🙂

      If you decide to go through with it, please keep us posted on how your SSD upgrade goe!

      Best regards,

  • Lauren

    Very nice pictures of how to do this…My problem is even after loosening all the retaining screws it won’t lift off..In fact in your picture where you are lifting up the back is like glued down…Have you herd about that before?

    • Hi Lauren,
      Thank you for your question. I remember when taking off the access panel, I first started by pulling up the little area that has the memory/hard drive icons next to it:
      By lifting that area with my finger I was able to slightly raise the panel, then by using another finger to run from the raised area to the less raised areas I could eventually ‘pop’ the other retaining clips open on the cover. It requires significant force and can be a bit scary, but as long as the retaining screws are fully unscrewed then it should come loose.

      I hope this helps!

      Best regards,

  • Hern

    I was having difficulty finding out the real maxinum RAM for the 7560 motherboard. There are good deals (<$50) for 16 GB laptop memory (2 x 8GB) and there are several posts on SD/Newegg that state that they are successful adding 16GB to laptops with 8GB maximum memory spec.

    So I ordered 16 GB memory from Newegg and swap them with the 8GB. When the Windows 7 booted up, I got 16 GB memory (15.5 GB usable). So t6e 7560 is capable of at least 16 GB.

    • Hi Hern,
      Thank you for the confirmation of the 7560 being capable of handling 16GB of memory. That is an excellent upgrade!

      Would you mind commenting with the exact memory you used? I bet people in a similar situation would find that very helpful. 🙂

      Thanks again,

  • Hern

    Hi JD,

    I admire your effort to keep the info useful.

    I used G.Skill SO-DIMM DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) memory – DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600) memory should be adequate. I chose the faster memory because it is only marginally more expensive ($50 vs $45) and I would have a better chance of re-use the memory if I cannot use it in my Acer 7560-7183.

    I just check the BIOS to see if I can take advantage of the faster RAM and I did not see any setting for RAM speed. I think it may still be possible to speed up CPU/RAM using AMD chipset software.


    • Hi Hern,
      Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post that info!

      Best regards,

      PS I agree 100% about buying faster RAM (when it is reasonably priced) so it can be more ‘future-proof’ and reusable at a later time in newer laptops 🙂

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