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Ideal photo resolution for iPod, iPad, iPhone?! [ANSWERED]

Hello, what is the best resolution (image size) for me to put photos onto my iPod touch 4th generation? Answer: 960×640 More info: Digital displays generally have a “native resolution” consisting of  a certain number of pixels,  for example: the iPod touch 4th generation (and the iPhone 4G) display resolution is 960×640.There are actually 960 columns by 640 rows of pixels, or 960 times 640 = 614,400 pixels. Therefore, since your iPod’s display resolution is 960×640 for ideal image display

Laptop buying guide – notes

HP Envy 14 14.5″ Radiance display Sony VAIO PCZ +13.1″ -Runs too hot -Short battery life +Internal DVD drive Dell XPS L501x (1080p B+GR) Dell XPS L501x: DISPLAY An Excellent Mainstream Notebook – AnandTech up the test results, we have the B+GR LED (i.e. WLED) backlit 1080p display. We can’t comment on the standard 768p panel, but considering all the results we’ve… […] we’re awarding the Dell XPS L501x our Gold Editors’ Choice award—but only with the $130 1080p

Welcome to this world

This week Samantha and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world. She’s the most precious and adorable thing I’ve ever seen. You always hear “nothing can prepare you for having a baby”. I have to agree, because I’ve hardly ever had as exciting of a week as this week. Nothing could have prepared me for all the joy, concern and love that was involved with having a baby. This was just the first week, I can’t imagine all

Nice Summer

It’s been a nice summer so far :-). Lot’s of good stuff going on with friends and family. I launched my first iPhone app: Camera Kompare. So far it’s doing really well and I’ve gotten some good feedback from users. I’m excited about the new versions coming out (with new cameras and features, plus a separate iPad version). Samantha has been doing great and having perfect checkups. I can’t believe the baby should be here in less than two months!

American Airlines killed our Kindle

Alternative title: What to do if your Kindle breaks after warranty coverage has expired. What happened: last night we found out our Amazon Kindle was dead. It had been killed by American Airlines. What we’re doing: We are getting a replacement Kindle from Amazon (see below). What we will do differently: We will be even more careful with carry-on items that may get “valet checked” when we’re boarding the plane. We will try to check all of our valuables before leaving