Welcome to this world

This week Samantha and I welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world. She’s the most precious and adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

You always hear “nothing can prepare you for having a baby”. I have to agree, because I’ve hardly ever had as exciting of a week as this week. Nothing could have prepared me for all the joy, concern and love that was involved with having a baby.

This was just the first week, I can’t imagine all the untold surprises, delights, trials, tribulations and triumphs that are to come!

Thank you so very much to Samantha, our family, our friends and especially to our little baby girl :-).



  • Ronnie

    Congrats JD & Samantha!

  • Uncle Harley

    Heartfelt congrats to a fab couple.

  • hi JD,

    Hope all is well with the family, and your new bundle of joy!

    Just want to give you and your team at http://weblogs.us/ a heads up – I’m closing several dozen WordPress site I host, and some of those users might drop an email to the support address. I understand there’s limited or no resources available at this time, but anyhow, I sent them your way for future reference since you folks are more experienced in hosting that platform on a larger scale.

    Thank you, and best regards,


  • I know i’m very late, but hey! It ‘s better to be late than never…. Many congrats to you and your wife, JD! Hope all is well with the family and the baby! 🙂

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