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Lump sum payout versus annuity payments

While visiting John in STL recently, his girlfriend regaled with me a tale of a man (we’ll call Fred) who received a large settlement from his wife when they divorced. Fred then proceeded to move to Thailand (a lifelong dream of his) where he started a resort and began construction on a mini-mansion. Unfortunately he ran out of money shortly afterwards and is apparently now destitute 🙁 These types of stories, with variations, are surprisingly common: someone wins the lottery

Dell 3007WFP dimensions

Panel Dimensions: (without stand) Height 449.55 mm (17.7 inches) Width 690 mm (27.16 inches) Depth 74.4 mm (2.93 inches) Dimensions (with stand): Height (fully extended in landscape mode) 559.7 mm (22 inches) Height (compressed/locked in landscape mode) 469.7 mm (18.49 inches) Width 690 mm (27.16 inches) Depth 200 mm (7.87 inches) Source   Documentation – 3007wfp | Desktops | Business Laptops | Business Desktops | Workstations | Servers | Storage | Services | Monitors | Printers | LCD TVs |

Heavy duty RAID setup

StorageReview is one of my all time favorite tech review sites. Recently they reviewed a very interesting product from a company that I had never heard of “WiebeTech”. Weird name, cool products. 🙂 Here’s a link to the heavy duty 2-bay RAID 0 (striping for performance) or RAID 1 (mirroring for data protection) enclosure. It is built TOUGH! WiebeTech RTX 220H-QR Review | StorageReview.com WiebeTech RTX 220-QR is a DAS unit not quite like anything else we’ve had in for