S200E/X202E/Q200E trackpad discussion

The trackpads on these laptops are quite the topic of conversation! Out of the box they can be fiddly and troublesome, but with a driver update they become quite good 🙂 More info below:

Amazon review comments (re:trackpad tips)

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  • Eric Kwon

    Hello, I have asus q200e and I added new wifi card to use widi. However when installing the antenna I didn’t know how to route it to back of the lcd monitor. Long story short, I accidently cracked the digitalizer, and I still didn’t route the antenna. Can you please tell me how and where you routed the antenna ? also is there any solution for the laptop to work ? Right now since this is a touchscreen laptop the mouse is going nuts.

    • Hi Eric,
      Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your cracked digitizer, it seems to be a rather common problem with these models 🙁

      As for routing, this page shows how I did it: Q200E 2nd Antenna for WiFi and WiDi (specific photo). Your idea of routing it to the back of the LCD would provide better signal strength, but I found simply routing it as I show was sufficient for my purposes (i.e. wireless range was pretty good).

      As for the mouse going nuts, if you want to simply disable the touchscreen (and use the touchpad or an external USB mouse) then I recommend checking in the following places:
      #1 Windows device manager (and attempt to disable the touch screen interface, which would be listed under ‘Mice and other pointing devices’
      #2 Your ASUS pointing device drivers (see if there is an option to disable the touchscreen)
      #3 In the BIOS/UEFI settings (try to disable touchscreen input there)
      I am sorry to not be able to provide more specifics, but I have sold my S200E and Q200E so I cannot boot them up to check for the correct settings.

      Also, if you were asking how to repair the digitizer itself, unfortunately the best info I have found requires replacing the entire LCD assembly which is very costly. 🙁

      I am sorry to not have better news but I hope some of this info is helpful!

      Best regards and good luck,

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