OSD Lockout message on HP LCD [SOLVED]

If you have a newer HP LCD monitor like the HP Pavilion 23xi you may encounter the on screen display “OSD Lockout” message when trying to access the OSD (on-screen display). This message locks you out of any adjustments to brightness, contrast, color, etc. and only displays OSD Lockout:

OSD Lockout message

Thankfully, to disable the lockout, you only have to press the OSD button for approximately 10-12 seconds and then the normal OSD will appear! 🙂

Press and hold the leftmost (OSD) button for 10-12 seconds to disable the lockout!

Brightness, Contrast, Color, etc.

Full access restored to Brightness, Contrast, Color, etc. adjustments

If you are struggling with the OSD Lockout message, I hope this helps! 🙂


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