Neverware CloudReady VM (for VMWare/VirtualBox) [FREE]

Recently several tech sites ran article about using Neverware’s customized version of Chrome OS to turn old PC hardware into Chromebooks. That is of course very cool 🙂

However, would like to be able to easily test Chrome OS on modern (relatively) high-end hardware. Preferably without having to dual boot. Virtual machines to the rescue!

Here is the download link for Neverware’s VM, it works with both VMware and VirtualBox:

Here are screenshots I took of the installation process and actually running the OS:

(VMWare Workstation 12 Player on Windows 7 Pro with i5-2500K, GTX 960, MX100 500GB SSD)

Some notes:
-Initially using VMWare, mouse movement is very laggy during the CloudReady setup.

-Sadly, it doesn’t seem that a VMWare Tools equivalent is actually available on CloudReady:-(

–This means CTRL+ALT is required to release the mouse from the VM


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