Current river canoe/kayak trips and caves

It’s tough to come up with good titles anymore after having a website/blog for 10+ years. Actually, I’m not sure I was ever very good at picking blog titles ;-). I almost entitled this blog entry “Mashed Potatoes and White Gravy”  due to me having mashed potatoes and white gravy three days in a row. However, I decided to title it “Kayak week and staying busy” and leave the permalink (URL) with the mashed potatoes bit…

2016 update, title changed to “Current river canoe/kayak trips and caves” 🙂

One of the times eating mashed potatoes and gravy 🙂

That three-day string was prompted by us eating at Benita’s: twice after kayaking the Eleven Point River (and also Springcreek for one of those trips), and once when Samantha and I went to town to pickup our metal roofing. On the Springcreek trip, we also did some hiking up a small tributary of the Eleven Point River:

Continue on to see photos one of my favorite

I also kayaked the Current River with my dad and friends. Here are some photos I took while on (and hiking near) the river:

This river cave, complete with a massive spring inside of it, was AWESOME:

^ Larry at the mouth of the cave

(continue on for more photos from inside the cave, a recap of what’s been going on, AND butterflies ;-))

^the view from inside the cave, toward the outside (that’s my dad)

^last photo of the cave, this is WITH a flash. It shows you how dark it is :-). Further back it gets pitch black…

^exploring another cave, this time ABOVE the water line 😉

^pretty flowers growing on a rock in the river (the rock is surrounded by water on all sides…)

And here’s the Wikipedia entry about the river:


Current River (Missouri) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, fishing, horseback riding, and camping are very popular activities along the Current River. The river is fairly gentle and is considered to have…

So three kayak trips in four days, that’s my kind of week!

Our guests from AZ headed out on Monday and since then we’ve been BUSY:
+worked out a new storage system in my shop
+added water to, and checked specific gravity of, our batteries (the batteries are the energy storage component of our off-the-grid solar electrical system)
+cleaned off our screened-in porch and added some new storage
+built a new “suspension desk” for my new office
+mowed (zero turn Kubota diesel)
+weed whacked (electric weed whacker)
+continued working on my iPhone app:

+plus a plethora of web projects for a variety of people (and myself)

Samantha has been equally busy doing all sorts of things. Between the two of us I feel like we’re accomplishing a lot :-).

Tomorrow my best friend Kevin is coming down to help me install part of the roofing. It’s going to be quite a job but I’m excited to get started on it and I really appreciate Kevin helping!

We’ve heard from a lot of friends lately and it seems like they are all doing really well this Spring, and that makes me happy :-). Along those lines of happy fuzzy feelings and thoughts, here are some butterflies that Samantha and I saw while on a walk around the farm:


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