Brief update

Our good friends from Arizona are visiting.

Went kayaking on the Eleven Point river with friends on Wednesday. Gorgeous trip!

Roofing is ordered and should be in this week or next.

Mowed last week and weed whacked today.

Building a new unRAID based media server :-).

Cleaned my “shop” area with Samantha’s excellent help.

Weeded our small garden area.

Did maintenance on our off-grid battery system today.

I redid some of the wiring in our house in preparation for a new breaker box.

Celebrated lots of good birthdays this month!

Samantha made her delicious, and famous, lemon squares.

Redoing our hall closet into a more usable area, as well as converting part of it into a mini-office.

Played “ladders” with our friends tonight after tasty grilled hamburgers/veggie burgers.

We’ve had some good NetRender sales recently.

Lots of other fun trips and adventures, already occurred and coming up soon :-).


  • Hi JD! Thanks for the update. It sounds like all is well! We need to plan a vacation sometime in the near future. I like the %complete of the baby due time! Awesome!

  • J.D.

    Thanks for the comment Gabe! I would really like to visit with you soon, one place or another :-). Hope you and Lali are having a great spring!!!

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