Busy and Thankful

Things have been busy around here! Projects left and right, with a trip (thanks Jesse ;-)) coming up to top things off. But it’s a good busy and good projects too. These are worthwhile things that pay dividends in the long run. Despite the busyness, we are making sure to take time out for the little things that mean a lot to us.  This is a very special time for us as we consider the future and treasure the present.

On a personal note: Pregnancy from the husband’s perspective

I’m enjoying being the husband of a pregnant woman. It’s a totally new experience to me and I’m excited, dumbfounded and happy (often all at the same time).

My wife is wonderful and she’s handling pregnancy very well. But I am very thankful for her support group of friends: women that are going through it, have been through it, or are contemplating it at some point in the future. It’s not that Samantha needs or wants help per se, rather she has compatriots that she can just talk to about anything and everything . I do my best, but I’m no substitute for her talking with her gal pals.

Along those lines,  we’ve gotten to see a lot of our local friends lately and that has been really nice. Likewise, our family is awesome and it’s great having them be so supportive (even if some of our family we don’t get to see nearly as often as we’d like!)

I really couldn’t ask for anything more :-).

PS Congratulations to the Winona Wildcats Varsity, they played a great game tonight and won against the Couch Indians in overtime. The players from both towns did an excellent job and they all played hard.

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