Projects this weekend

This was a wonderful weekend at home. I worked on some fun projects and did some “business” work. Samantha played with some new toys (stroller, etc.) and cooked some delicious delights. Also, before the weekend got here, we had a lot of fun going out to eat with my mom and dad to celebrate my dad’s birthday! Even before that, we had a great Valentine’s day (which I still need to post an entry about…)

But now back to the weekend, here’s a sampling of the projects:

Fixing Samantha’s phone charger

Samantha’s charger had a loose connection in part of the power cable. This would cause the phone to randomly stop charging, it almost made it very finicky about starting charging. So I cut out the universal adapter and soldered a nice solid connection. Now the charger works perfectly :-).

Stripping the wires

The section that I spliced Phone happily charging

Thanks to Kevin for the awesome camo-knife and to my parents for the vintage workbench!

Wiring our living room for Ethernet

Most of the hard work for this project was actually done during our remodeling last year. After Samantha ripped off all of the wood paneling in the living room, it was my turn to run electrical and Ethernet wiring. The electrical stuff was finished eons ago, and the Ethernet wall jacks (or ports) were also completed.

However, the OTHER end of the Ethernet cables still needed to have connectors put on them and to be connected into our router. So, I finally did just that :-). We used the connection tonight to stream a movie, it was sweet.

P2213463P2213464 P2213469 P2213473_cable

Samantha’s cooking

Samantha made some delicious meals over the past few days. Here are just a couple photos…

Tasty rolls!


Other stuff: weather proofing, lights, projector (Winter Olympics), hot-water heater

I finished weather proofing some more of our windows. Samantha helped me on this project. It has made a drastic difference in the temperature, it is much easier to keep warm during the day and each morning it’s 65-70 degrees  instead of 55-60 degrees. Of course, the weather decided to get super- nice right afterward. I’m definitely not complaining!

I added a new light switch for Samantha in the bedroom (it’s a little ghetto looking but it is safe and effective).

This weekend we got out our “TV” which is actually just an inexpensive mini LED projector which we project onto our living room wall. The projector can do an 80″ image yet it is smaller than a hard cover book (you can see the VGA cable coming out of the back of it, it is on a small stand between our chairs). We watched some recorded Olympics pairs figure skating, very cool and very fun!

The Winter Olympics on projector

Also adjusted our “on demand” hot water heater. It had been just a little too hot for our showers, so I turned it down a bit.

There were lots of other things going on this weekend, but these were a few that I had photos of :-). Hope everyone out there had a great weekend too!


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