How to check your Amazon mp3 credit balance

If you are like me you periodically receive free downloads credits in small amounts like $1, $3, $5 etc. This is really cool but sometimes it is hard to remember how much credit I have accumulated at any particular time.

If you have this same issue, and if you want to know exactly how much Amazon credit you have available, here is how you can check your balance:

#1 Go to this Amazon page:
(Amazon ‘How to Redeem Your Code)

Click the button to find out your current Amazon credit balance

#2 Click the “Enter your code” button (even if you don’t have a code) and voila, it will display your Amazon balance!

Here is the display showing all your Amazon MP3, Kindle, Gift Card, Video, and Software/Apps/Games balance!

I hope this helps!

Best regards,

PS I rate this Amazon feature 4.5/5 stars because it is simple and easy to use, but I docked 1/2 a star because the info is not prominently  displayed in the “My Acccount” area. [starreview tpl=16]




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