Auto fill username & password in Opera? [solved]

Q. I use Opera as my new web browser. But when I tell Opera to save my username and password for a site it does not seem to do. Like now when I go to the site it does NOT autofill the stored info. It does not even prompt me to save anymore login info for that site anymore. Can you help?!

A. Yes! In all likelihood Opera did save your login info, however, to autofill that info you need to press: CTRL+ENTER (the Ctrl key and the Enter key on your keyboard at the same time). When you do that Opera should autofill the info AND submit it which will log you in.

Followup: huzzah, that worked! Thx dude!

More related info & sources regarding Opera’s password management:

Opera Help: Preferences: Password Manager 

Opera Help: Preferences: Password Manager you visit a website with a stored user name and password, you can log in simply by clicking the Password Manager button on the address bar, or by pressing Ctrl+Enter.

OPERA DOES NOT SAVE PASSWORD FACEBOOK believe Opera has a shortcut key combination to fill in the password, as opposed to entering it in by itself once the page shows (ie you need to tell opera to fill it in before…

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  • smog

    Can I make it just fill in the details and not log me in? For the sites which have a security code this feature seems useless, unless there is something I;’m not getting.

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