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Auto fill username & password in Opera? [solved]

Q. I use Opera as my new web browser. But when I tell Opera to save my username and password for a site it does not seem to do. Like now when I go to the site it does NOT autofill the stored info. It does not even prompt me to save anymore login info for that site anymore. Can you help?! A. Yes! In all likelihood Opera did save your login info, however, to autofill that info you need

SOLUTION: Force Firefox 3 to autofill username and password!

NOTE: this technique applies to FireFox 3, not later versions. As Peter noted in the comments, later versions of FireFox do not contain the applicable .js files. Q. Some websites (like Chase, Gmail, WordPress) won’t autofill my login credentials even though I saved them with FireFox 3. What’s up with that?! A. Good question. Sites can specify autocomplete=”off” to prevent browsers from filling in login info. This  is what is causing your  problem, though it is meant to be a