ACPI\SMO8810 Dell driver [SOLVED!]

Q. Hi, I just bought a Dell laptop and resinstalled Windows 7 on it. Now I have an unknown device ‘ACPI/SMO8810’. What driver can I download to fix it?

A.Here is the download link to solve your ACPI/SMO8810 Unknown Device issue:

[download id=”10495″ format=”1″], Dell dl link

NOTE: That is the accelerometer that is built into your laptop.

More details about free fall sensors:

That free-fall sensor is an accelerometer which can detect movement (i.e. downward acceleration or falling) and using that sensor your laptop can take steps to protect itself by parking the hard drive heads or other measure.

NOTE: The driver is specifically for your Dell laptop’s ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor that shows up as Unknown Device ACPI\SMO8810 🙂

Screenshot showing the unknown device:

The SMO8810 unknown device listing as shown in Device Manager and the properties page

The driver installation process:

It is very easy to install and only takes a few clicks once you have downloaded the correct driver  🙂

Device manager properties page after the correct driver has been installed:

Device manager showing the SMO8810 device after the correct driver has been installed!

IBM pioneered this technology in their ThinkPad line way back in 2003 and Dell has implemented it as well. Of course, it has applications beyond protection as even the Apple iPad/iPad 2/iPhones have an accelerometer which developers can use for games and other purposes!

PS I would like to thank you for your question, as I am a bit fan of the Latitude E series. You have a nice laptop!

Dell Laptops/Notebooks that use ACPI\SMO8810:

Precision M4700
Precision M6700
Latitude E6430 ATG
Latitude E6530
Latitude E5430
Latitude E6430
Latitude E6330
Latitude E6430s
Latitude E5530
Latitude E6230
(and others withs Hardware ID ACPISMO8800)

Dell Vostro 3360 and Dell Vostro 3460 (see this link)

Supported Operating systems (OS):

Windows Vista 64-bit – Home Basic
Windows 8 32-bit – H
Windows XP – Home Edition
Windows 8 64-bit – EM
Windows Vista 64-bit – Ultimate
Windows 7 32-bit – Home Premium
Windows Vista 64-bit – Home Premium
Windows XP x64 – Professional Client
Windows 7 64-bit – Professional
Windows XP – Professional
Windows 7 32-bit – Home Basic
Windows Vista 32-bit – Ultimate
Windows 7 32-bit – Starter
Windows XP – Tablet PC Edition
Windows 7 32-bit – Professional
Windows 8 32-bit – Pro
Windows Vista 32-bit – Starter
Windows Vista 32-bit – Home Basic
Windows Vista 32-bit – Home Premium
Windows Vista 64-bit – Business
Windows 8 64-bit – H
Windows 8 64-bit – Pro
Windows Vista 32-bit – Business
Windows 7 64-bit – Home Premium
Windows 7 64-bit – Home Basic
Windows 8 32-bit – EM
Windows 7 64-bit – Ultimate
Windows 7 32-bit – Ultimate

More info on this topic:

IBM Research | People | Mark A. Smith | APS

IBM Research | People | Mark A. Smith | APS of these systems use accelerometers placed on the motherboard to detect motion. A kernel software driver interfaces with the accelerometer and exposes its acceleration…

Accelerometer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Accelerometer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration. This is not necessarily the same as the coordinate acceleration (change of velocity of the device in space), but…
Free-fall sensor – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia page was last modified on 3 January 2011 at 13:52. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. See Terms of use…

Code 28 on PCI bus

Driver functionality rated 5/5 stars (no problems and simple install)
[starreview tpl=16]

UPDATE from Kanika:

The driver worked just like you said and now our Dell Precision laptops are perfectly configured. Thank you!



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