Dell Windows 8 Unknown Device SMO8800 [solved]

Q. I saw you help people with SMO8800 unknown device issues, but can you help me on my Dell Windows 8 laptop? Thanks! -Wobe

A. Here is the download link for a Windows 8 driver for Dell laptops that will resolve the unknown device SMO8800 issue:

(free fall sensor)

OS Compatibility: MS Windows 8 64-bit, MS Windows 8 32-bit

Laptop Compatibility:

  • Dell E5420
  • Vostro 3450
  • Vostro 3750
  • XPS 15 (L502X)
  • XPS 15z (L511z)
  • XPS 17 (L702X)
  • And many other similar models.

Description of issue resolved: Code 28 on PCI bus ACPI\SMO8800

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