Our Cabin in Burrows Park Circa 2009

This post was inspired by Jes and Neil. They posted a beautiful vintage photo of Estes Park Colorado circa 1909. The colors and age of the photo make it very unique and beautiful to my eye.

So, I decided to try to emulate that look using a digital photo of our cabin. Here is the final result, circa 2009:

Our cabin in Burrows Park

Our cabin in Burrows Park

It makes me very happy that parts of Colorado still remain pristine and primitive after a hundred years :-).


  • Hmm, so that’s what we were looking for last year. At least the next time I’m in that area I’ll know what to look for 🙂 (well that and I’ll actually remember to put the coordinates into the GPS 😉 ).

  • J.D.

    Yep, thar’ she be :-).

    Keep me posted as you plan trips next year. I want to coordinate schedules with friends because it’d be sweet to get to hang out some in CO :-).

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