Men’s League Basketball 2009

Yesterday was the last night of men’s league basketball this season. The league started in March and we had games almost every Tues/Thurs until now. Overall is was a lot of fun and good exercise. We ended up doing fairly well, losing in the semi-finals to a quality team. I’m not sure yet if that team went on to win it all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

It was nice to get reacquainted with some more of the guys from around Winona. We had a good bunch of guys and I think we all had a lot of fun and tried not to be too serious about it, which isn’t to say that we weren’t disappointed when we would lose!

I missed a couple games due to injury and a wedding. But other than that I went to them all and Samantha came with me too except for when she was teaching at Drury. Samantha also took a lot of good photos of the games. I’ve been posting the photos to facebook but now I’m going to upload a few to flickr so I can more easily post them to my blog :-).

Now that the season is over Samantha and I will be able to do some nice nice traveling and adventuring, without having to consider whether we’ll miss a game or not :-). Also, I’m looking forward to open gyms starting back up in Winona. I really enjoy open gyms starting again. I really enjoy open gym because you can get in a lot of games during one evening and you get to mix it up against different teams.

I think now may be the time for Samantha and me to start a new workout regimen to stay in shape :-). We’ve been talking it over and we’ll have to see what materializes…

PS Here are a few photos from various games:

Scoreboard from our 2nd to last game (we were guests)

P5052903 P5052922

Toby spinning the ball Cool shot of Kyle Brandon hitting a 3 Me hitting a 3

The end…


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