Duke Nukem Forever game benchmarks (FPS)

There are only two computer games that I play these days: StarCraft 2 and Duke Nukem Forever. Both of which are sequels to venerable classics. StarCraft 2 is widely considered a worthy successor to SC1. Duke Nukem Forever is generally not considered to be worthy compared to it’s older counterpart Duke Nukem 3D.

However, they are both surprisingly fun to play in multiplayer for exactly the opposite reasons:

  • StarCraft 2 – one of the ultimate games when it comes to skill, it features extremely intensive (and sometimes rather stressful) multiplayer matches. Easy to get the basics down, difficult to master. Literally hundreds of thousands of online players. It makes it tough for casual players like Kevin and me to beat the competition, but we sure enjoy it when we do!
  • Duke Nukem Forever – a relatively antiquated online game browser (match finder) and a scathingly poor set of reviews (hence perhaps fewer sales/players) combine to make DNF a place of comparative newbies since not many “pro” level players would waste their skills on a relatively inferior addition to the first person shooter (FPS) genre. However, there are a couple really fun levels out there and Kevin and I can generally get 1st and 2nd anytime we play, though there are enough skilled people to make it occasionally challenging.

To summarize, StarCraft 2 is super intense and fun when you wing but it really disheartening when you loose. Duke Nukem Forever is relatively fluffy and it is always  fun to hop in for a few quick games waste some foolz. 😉 Maybe think of it like a serious movie drama that leaves you drained vs a non-brainer action movie. Both can be worthwhile but for totally different reasons!

Finally, lest you think I’m sitting around playing games all day, the only time I play is when I visit my buddy Kevin in Springfield. We’ve been playing computer games together since the first year of college (1999) and I hope this tradition continues for a long time!

To the benchmarks…

Now, after all that backstory, here are the benchmarks. Oodles of SC2 benchmarks are readily available out there so instead this post is a compilation of the comparatively rare DNF benchmarks. Hopefully these will be helpful for you if you’re looking to check out system specs for DNF or your having some performance issues with your current gaming rig. Compare to other systems and see whassup!

Nice 3 page benchmarking set (and they found at least two CPU cores are required, single core will not cut it)

Duke Nukem Forever Benchmark - Page 3 - BenchmarK3D 

Duke Nukem Forever Benchmark – Page 3 – BenchmarK3Dhttp://benchmark3d.com/duke-nukem-forever-benchmark/3About BenchmarK3D.com We’re trying to give you the latest information on games and anything related to games.We especially concentrate on benchmarking games to show you what kind…

Even more comprehensive results from Tom’s Hardware:

Duke Nukem Forever: Performance Analysis : Return Of The Duke 

Duke Nukem Forever: Performance Analysis : Return Of The Dukehttp://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/duke-nukem-forever,2984.htmlIt took more than a decade to complete, but the long-awaited sequel to Duke Nukem 3D has finally arrived. We take a look at the performance of Duke Nukem Forever to see how much…


Wow, DNF3d is even payable on Intel GMA HD graphics 🙂 (HD 3000 should be even faster!)

http://murut87.com/intelgmahd/ (scroll down to the Duke Nukem Forever section…)

List to be updated as I find more results… feel free to email me or comment with your own findings or links]

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