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Lenovo ThinkPad X220 Service Manual PDF

I love my Lenovo X220, it truly is a superb computing machine ūüôā If you are going to add an mSATA drive or other somewhat in-depth upgrades, you may want to checkout the service manual for the X220. It is comprehensive and nicely formatted. Color photos would be nice but the black and white diagrams are sufficient. Official Lenovo X220 service manual: dl link¬†as of 2012.01.17 Service manual rating: 4.5/5 stars (one of the better service manuals I have used!)¬†[starreview

Tip: shock protection unnecessary if you have a SSD!

The Lenovo X220 ThinkPad, as well as many Dell & HP laptops, ship with a form of anti-shock protection enabled by default. This is great if your laptop has a conventional hard drive that can be easily damaged by a fall or drop. The laptop is smart enough to pause disk activity and ‘park’ the head (or other similar techniques) to prevent disk damage. However, if your laptop is exclusively using a SSD (solid state drive) then that protection is

Lenovo X220 ThinkPad Long Term User Review

This is a placeholder ¬†for additional content as the review is added to… X220 purchase date:¬†2011.12.17 Specs: Processor Intel Core i7-2640M Processor (2.8GHz, turbo 3.5GHz, 4MB L3, 1333MHz FSB) Operating System Pre-installed¬†Windows 7 Professional 64 – English Keyboard/Pointing Device UltraNav (TrackPoint and TouchPad) Total Memory 8GB PC3-10600 DDR3 1333MHz SDRAM SODIMM Memory (2 DIMM). Hard Drive 320GB, 7200RPM Serial ATA 2.5″ Hard Drive Display USB 3.0 12.5‚Ä̬†Premium HD WXGA (1366 X 768) LED (IPS Panel) Yes Graphics Intel? HD Graphics

7mm SSD list / 7mm HD list

UPDATE 2012.05.30: added a list of 7mm SSD and 7mm HDD at the end of this post… The most-excellent Lenovo Thinkpad X220 laptop supports a rather odd thickness for its hard drive/SSD: 7mm This is unusual since¬†most laptop drives are 9.5mm and some are fatties coming in at 12mm or 12.5mm. However, the 7mm thin drives are likely to become more and more common as Ultrabooks and other similar devices require thinner drives to maintain their low profile ūüôā So,

Lenovo X220 i7 with eGPU! (diy ViDock)

My new Lenovo X220 laptop should be arriving soon. While it has a nice i7 CPU, it only has only has an integrated Intel HD 3000 ¬†for the video card ūüôĀ ¬†This¬†severely¬†limits 3D performance, therefore I will be adding something known as a DIY eGPU -or- DIY ViDock. This is a simple little project that is similar to the commercial “ViDock” product but at a lower cost and potentially with more capabilities. Basically it is connecting a desktop video card