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ASUS A53 laptop memory upgrade

If you own one of the nice ASUS A53 laptops you may be wanting to maximize the amount of memory your lovely laptop have. Here is how a photo tutorial showing how to upgrade the RAM on an ASUS A53 notebook 🙂 UPDATE: Many readers have asked what memory I recommend for upgrading the A53 series. My recommendation is 8GB of Kingston memory because it offers a lifetime warranty, solid performance AND it is only about $37 with free shipping!

Bought & Sold: Acer Aspire One A0722 Netbook 11.6″ LCD

The latest entry in the Bought & Sold series… This is where I list items that I purchased and then sold at a later date. Simple enough huh? Here we go… [begin] Acer Aspire One 11.6″ HD Netbook AO722-BZ454 with upgrade to 4GB RAM Excellent condition, FREE fast shipping Condition: This laptop is in excellent condition, checkout the photos! No scratches/problems on the LCD. Everything works well, no problems. Still has the protective plastic sheets in place. Laptop has only had

ACPI/HPQ0004 PCI Unknown Device Driver [solved]

Q. Hello, I have a HP laptop showing ACPI/HPQ0004 unknown device and I need to find the right drivers. I saw you helped Dell users with a similar problem… Can you help me with this one too? Here is the deal: Clean Windows 7 install on my HP Pavilion DV6. Every other HP driver is working perfectly and Device manager looks great EXCEPT!!! I have an unknown device with listing ACPI/HPQ0004. Please help as I really want to get the right

Better two-finger scrolling for Windows! (like 2011 MacBooks and MacBook Air)

On Windows, missing the MacBook’s nice two finger scrolling… After returning a MacBook Air 11.6″ to Apple, I was surprised that I only really missed the very nice two finger scrolling. Some of the other Apple multitouch gestures were nice, but it was the really the smooth two finger scrolling on that nice trackpad that was so VERY handy and I missed the convenience! My Dell laptops have multitouch capable touchpads that support two finger scrolling. Unfortunately by default they

M6500 hard drive caddy issue (three hard drives or SSDs)

For a few months now I have been using my M6500 with a 120GB SSD for the boot drive and two 750GB 2.5″ hard drives in RAID1 for my data drive. Unfortunately, the hard drive caddy that replaces the optical drive has never quite fit right… only today did I get around to contacting the manufacturer: Hello, I am writing in reference to this caddy that I ordered: http://www.newmodeus.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=269&zenid=a40e0509f6a549136fc1331174bebbea That 2nd hard drive caddy for my M6500 has never quite

ACPI\TOS620A Unknown Device driver download [solved]

Question. from Laptop Lover: Hello, I have a Toshiba Tecra R10 laptop and I recently installed Windows 7. Almost everything is good, however, after running Windows update I still have ONE unknown device in device manager. It is called ACPI/TOS620A and I do not know what it is or how to get it working. The only other info I have listed is 2&daba3ff&0.  Where can I find the correct driver? Answer. That is the hard drive shock protection feature of your

Dell M6500 USB 3.0 drivers download: Windows 7 x64 & 32-bit x86

Recently I purchased a Dell M6500 from the Dell Outlet for an astoundingly reasonable price. One of the nicest perks, which I did not expect, was that I received one of the upgraded M6500 systems with two USB 3.0 ports on the left hand side. They are the USB ports with blue on the inside connector portion. However,  Windows 7 x64 Ultimate Edition did not have the drivers for the NEC USB 3.0 controller. Download USB 3.0 Drivers for Dell