M6500 hard drive caddy issue (three hard drives or SSDs)

For a few months now I have been using my M6500 with a 120GB SSD for the boot drive and two 750GB 2.5″ hard drives in RAID1 for my data drive. Unfortunately, the hard drive caddy that replaces the optical drive has never quite fit right... only today did I get around to contacting the manufacturer:

I am writing in reference to this caddy that I ordered:

That 2nd hard drive caddy for my M6500 has never quite seated fully (the plastic bezel on the caddy is too tall and it catches). A few other people seem to have the same issue:

I bought that caddy from NewmodeUS but i had to file the plastic bezel down to make it fit properly which was rather disappointing .. The model i ordered was the correct one, part number etc..

Thanks for the confirmation! I had the same problem, but somebody else who ordered the same caddy told me that it fits perfectly. So I thought I just had bad luck.

I apologize for taking so long to contact newmodeUS about the issue, but I have been a customer for a while (I love your caddies for my M4400 series, they fit perfectly).

Do you have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue on my M6500?

PS I can send a photo of the caddy installed if that would be helpful…

Thank you!

To be continued…

We will see what they have to say 🙂

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