How to reset and prep Macbook Air for selling on eBay

macOS Monterey An erase assistant then opens. Follow the onscreen instructions to erase your Mac and restore it to factory settings. Before the erase begins, you will see a summary of all the settings, media, data, and other items that will be erased or turned off.  Your Mac then restarts and briefly shows a black screen or progress bar. Your Mac then activates. Click Restart. After your Mac restarts, a setup assistant guides you through the setup process, as if

Pixel 8 Pro does NOT support HDMI/DisplayPort out over USB-C

I just tested my Google Pixel 8 Pro and sadly it does not (as of November 2nd 2023) support display out over USB-C. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ‘Ž This is a bummer as I had hoped to use USB-C adapters/docks to output to HDMI for utilizing LCD TV’s for work while traveling. Therefore, I will be taking my S23 Ultra as a backup phone and it does nicely support display out (and Dex with touchpad emulation etc.) So, dear Google, please add this

[SOLVED] FedEx cannot process your credit card shipping request with the information entered.

Recently while trying to purchase a label at I received the following error: FedEx cannot process your credit card shipping request with the information entered. Please verify all credit card data and resubmit your request. After entering the info multiple times, I finally had to go back to the first step (ship from address) and make my ship from address the same as my billing address. Otherwise, even when providing a separate billing address on the payment step, it

How to add FM radio presets on Ford F150 Lightning [SOLVED]

If you have a Ford F-150 Lightning with the large 12.9″ touchscreen, you may be wondering how to set your favorite radio station presets. The process is not very obvious but thankfully it is easy once you know how. Step 1. Tune to the station you want to add Step 2. Press and hold the tile/box that you want to set After a few seconds the station you tuned to in Step 1 will now be the preset for the

Samsung Care large charge [SOLVED]

Everything is going according to plan but they DO put a large hold on your credit card ($990 in my case) and if you do not send in your old device within the allotted timeframe they will charge that full amount! So, please make sure you send in your old device! โœ…โœ… PS Here’s a fun reddit post where a user received an upgraded Fold 5 to replace their broken Fold 4:

Use Logitech M215 wireless mouse with Windows 11 [SOLVED]

Recently I setup an old Logitech (now logi) M215 wireless mouse with my Windows 11 laptop. The process was not as straightforward as I expected because I needed to sync/pair my mouse with a new unifying receiver. The Logitech website can be rather confusing, so as of 2023/09/26 here are direct links to the Unifying software page: and the download itself: After installing the unifying software, it will ask you to turn your mouse off and the back